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Caldwell Criticized for Wrong Impression on Rail Tax

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Commentary: Did Kirk ever apologize to the Legislature? If not, he needs to apologize to the Hawaii taxpayers.
Hard working Hawaii families and thousands of kupuna are struggling every single day to make ends meet.
The rail project was passed by the voters by a very slim margin. Doesn’t that tell you something.
Then after the project gets underway way, our GET gets raised for the sole purpose of funding the rail.
Voters never got a chance to vote for this tax increase. The legislature passed the increase based on a big charade by HART and the Mayor’s office.
Yet even with the GET monies, HART is still short funds. Sorry to say, we are all players in this three ring circus.

(Source: Star-Advertiser)



Lance Luke has been in the construction industry for over 35 years. He is a former general contractor and worked as a construction and project manager for real estate development companies. Currently he owns an independent construction management company and is a sought out speaker and trainer for his expertise in the field. His expertise lends to a wealth of understanding of the current HART rails project.

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