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Rail Lies Matter

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Rail Lies Matter.

The Mayor says”We have a way to pay for it.”
Not True. Fact: HART does not have the funds to complete the project.

The Mayor says “If it’s on the ground, it can’t go any faster than the fastest car or bus.”
True. Fact: the system is not a bullet train like in Japan. Even on the existing guideway being built in Honolulu, HART says that average speed of the Rail cars is between 25 to 50 mph. Thus the rail speed was never going to be much faster than the maximum speed of 50 mph anyway. On the guideway the faster time will be gotten due to no traffic light stops and being able to go faster than the posted mph on the ground. Trains in other cities are able to travel 50 mph on the ground.

The Mayor said Djou has yet to pinpoint a plan to extend the project to Ala Moana.
True. Fact: HART has not provided the cost for the rail to go to Ala Moana. If HART does not know the cost, how can anyone pinpoint a plan, let alone Djou. At this point in time, no one knows the final cost, including FTA and the City/HART. So do not expect any candidate running for the Mayor’s seat to have a plan, when the Mayor’s office does not even have one.



Lance Luke has been in the construction industry for over 35 years. He is a former general contractor and worked as a construction and project manager for real estate development companies. Currently he owns an independent construction management company and is a sought out speaker and trainer for his expertise in the field. His expertise lends to a wealth of understanding of the current HART rails project.

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