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I stopped by the HART booth yesterday at the small business fair. When I asked about the rail route, the HART pointed to a map and said the plan is to go to Ala Moana. I said what plan, there is no money to get there. Then I realized that Kirk Caldwell was right. He truly does have a plan to get the rail to Ala Moana.

I remembered that the definition of the word plan means: something that a person intends to do, or to design or make a plan of (something to be made or built). Thus there is a plan, but NO money HART has a plan but NO money. If I apply the same use of the word plan then I could say I have a plan also. My plan is to win a million dollars. So you see folks, do not fall for such a play on words during this time of Election. Do not fall for slick campaign ads. Just follow the $$$$ for the rail and ask the Mayor where is the money?



Lance Luke has been in the construction industry for over 35 years. He is a former general contractor and worked as a construction and project manager for real estate development companies. Currently he owns an independent construction management company and is a sought out speaker and trainer for his expertise in the field. His expertise lends to a wealth of understanding of the current HART rails project.

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