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Asking HART

Since the HART website does not have a lot of information, we were inclined to ask these questions:
1. How much will the rail cost to get to Middle Street?

2. How much will the rail cost to get to Ala Moana?

3. When will the project be completed to Middle Street?

4. Have any real estate developers signed any P3 agreements to fund a single rail station?

5. Why is there a huge difference in cost to build the Rail Operations Center? (Compare the budget projections to the actual final cost)

6. Why were the three contractors that did not get awarded Phase 1 of the project paid $500K each to bid on the project? Where is the accounting showing their expenses? And would these contractors have accepted $100K or $250K to still bid on the job?

7. Why was Kiewit paid their 5% retention when they are not even completed with the project? Who agreed to a 5% early release of construction retention funds in the contract, and who authorized the release?

8. Since the project is going ahead to Middle Street, where is the letter from HECO with respect to approved design and maximum costs for all the electric utility work?

9. The recent contract that was awarded for Phase 2 is a Design Build type of contract which includes design of rail stations. HART has already paid millions of dollars to design consultant teams (architects/engineers) to design rail stations. How much of this design work that has already been done will the Phase 2 contractor use? And how much money was wasted in design work that was already completed, that will not be used.

10. Why did HART ask for an extension to provide FTA with the Recovery Plan? If HART managed the rail project correctly, it should only take 30-60 days to provide the information to FTA. This is due to the fact that the project management system HART uses is in real time.

11. Where is the money going to come from to fund HART operations from September 2016 to the end of 2016?

12. When is the Recovery Plan going to be completed.

13. What happens if FTA does not approve the Recovery Plan?

14. What happens if FTA approves additional funding but those funds are still not enough to complete the rail project?

15. What happens if the State Legislature does not approve the GET extension?

16. Has the HART Board or the City Council requested a mainland third party forensic audit of HART?

Note: When HART responds, their response will be posted on this website.